July 13, 2012

Before I die I want to be a Judge for one day

Take her out back and give her something to really complain about. That is my remedy. 

The lawyer that filed this case -- there is no punishment good enough. Perhaps a whack with a ball bat for every dollar he cost the legal system and the defendant and his attorneys defending this suit. Plus an extra home-run swing for my aggravation at reading such ridiculous nonsense.

Seriously -- Justin F-ing Bieber? It is a good thing this asshole did not take her daughter to a heavy metal gig.

I am willing to bet she voted for Obama. Any takers?

I think the term "money-grubbing bitch" might be appropriate.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Damn, if she actually wins that case, think of all the Boomers who will be suing the great rock and roll acts of the '60's and '70's for hearing loss...

Yeah, dumb lawsuit. If the judge has any sense, he'll kill it dead.

Mockingbird said...

It never ceases to amaze me what people will do to get out of working for a living.

CnC said...

If I ever end up at a Justin Beiber concert I would pray to God that my ear drums would rupture and spare me from the hell of having to hear his concert.

Hey teacher... said...

I'm trying to remember my biology/anatomy from high school. Doesn't the brain have to be functioning in order for hearing to take place. If this bag went willing to a Bieber concert she has no case.

Anonymous said...

Amen teach


jonas said...

Is that a dig at heavy metal? I might have to come out of the weeds and take offense!

Good to see you're still out there raising hell.

Been a while. Hope all's good with you.

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