July 13, 2012

Button your lip

July is sure a slow time for the interwebz. The blogroll buddies are posting way less often. Hits are down. Could it be content? Nah, I have been pecking out the same old crap for a long time now.  In fact July is always a slow month in the blogosphere, at least in my tiny, tiny corner of it. I suspect things will liven up in a month or so as the elections get closer.  Many words will launch into the Ethernet as we compare the choices for President - disastrous and really bad. I think this year will mark around a half dozen elections in a row where I would proudly mark 'None of the Above' were I given that choice. Sometimes  I think a 'vote-em-all-out' philosophy is the way to go. Then I look at the current occupant of the Oval Office and realize just what we get when we elect a guy with no experience running anything. It is a sad, sad state of affairs when the management trainee down at the plastics plant has more managerial experience than the current Commander -in-Chief brought to the table.

But it is Friday! The atmospheric analysts have manipulated their models and are prognosticating some precipitation for this arid area.

I'll pause while you read that again. Feel free to imagine the satisfied smirk on my fleshy face.

It is not often that I hope for a rained out weekend, but we could sure use it. I bet you could too.

What? Why are you still here? Put your hand down. What do you mean you have a question? Oh, the picture?  It has nothing to do with the post. Nor does the title, but you should know by now that is often the case around here. Yes, yes the picture; those guys are found in my favorite Bugs Bunny cartoon. They make me laugh. Oh, that's so sweet, you did not really think this place was for your amusement did you?

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