July 29, 2012

Dead white guys are no longer "history"

A couple of weeks ago I was on a business trip and took the long way home in order to stop by the grave site and home of the legendary Sgt. Alvin York. I even wrote a post about it if you bother to scroll back a bit. I am not going to link it 'cause it is not important to this post.

I showed the pictures and described the visit to the York home to my wife. A blank look was followed with a questioning "who"?. My daughter was visiting at the time, she gave me the same "so?" face as her mother. They had never heard of Sgt. York. I showed the pics to my son when he came home. When questioned, he said he "might have heard of him", but allowed he did not know who York was.

My dad knew.  My brother knew. The rest of my family and friends had no idea regarding the heroism of one of America's most decorated soldiers.  I think that is sad.,

The movie "Sergeant York" was on TCM last week. I recorded it on the DVR. I am going to try and make the wife and boy watch it with me. They won't.

Audie Murphy -- isn't he in that one John Wayne movie?


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Yeah, he's the guy the Papistocracy duped out of believing the Bible to go kill for the BanKhazars in our FIRST unnecessary interventionist scam...
I hear he was very good at it.
Too bad they managed to dupe so many others who weren't,
And consequently, never came back alive.

Joe said...

Without foreign intervention we would have never broken away from England. I would venture without involvem,ent in WWII we would now be having this conversation in real German.

The Chinese tried isolationism for 600 years. It left them backweard, behind and conquered.

Anonymous said...

It's an interesting movie for sure. I have to wonder if York was as "Gomer" as the movie makes him out to be.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Hey dumbass: NORTH KOREA is "Isolationist". Switzerland is non-interventionist. Learn the difference.
Then teach it to Kaptin Underoos, because he just committed US to MORE quagmires for New Khazakhstan/"The Mistake on the Med".

Joe said...

Well Galt, since your view of history and modern global economics is the stuff of fantasy, I will consult the elves and Hobbiyts henceforth. Then we will be on the same page.

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