July 30, 2012


I know this couple. They have owned their own small business for decades. They certainly are not rich, but they are not eating ramen noodles for supper either. Any of us would describe their life as decidedly middle class.

They met at the university. They married and moved back to the small town where I live and raised a couple of kids.

In the building next door to their existing business they started another mom and pop. They worked hard, very hard, running both businesses.  They were there six days a week, and vacations were rare. The days were long, but they provided the usual for the kids, dance classes, football, baseball camp, cars, college. One of the business failed.  The other hangs on in these tough times.

Why did one business fail? Leftists like Obama will claim successful business owners only got what they have through the hard work of others, through the government. Yet these fine people had two business, on the same street, a few blocks from the same bridge. Both had a similar education and even shared some teachers.

Why did the government and everyone else cause business number two to close?

If you and I were responsible for building what these people have, aren't we responsible when things do not go well?

See how silly President Obama and Cherokee Princess Warren sound when you look at their actual philosophy? What kind of world would we have if no one was ever held responsible? You did not build that business, You did not build that house. You did not paint that artwork. You did not write that book.  You did not run that business into the ground. You did not shoot up that movie theater.


Yabu said...

Seriously, Obama and his mob make me want to puke. I cannot believe people support this guy. We live in troubled times, for sure. I guess more people are paying attention to American Idol, or the skags from NJ, than the real world. Unbelievable.

On a side note: we have a HUGE problem with the Supreme Court, and I have no idea how to fix that...they're appointed for life. BIG TROUBLE ahead.

Mockingbird said...

J have stopped listening to those idiots-Obama and Warren. Florida's Senator Bill Nelson is another rich idiot who will be gone in November.

Anonymous said...

The really sad part is that a large number of people believe what Obama is preaching. The reality of meeting a payroll, making a profit, meeting customers demands don't dawn these people. They are dependents of the system of the government payroll thinking money can just be printed and have no concept of reality. These are the people that believe every word throw to them in a five minute sound bites. They don't want to take the time to look at both side of a question, hell they don't even want to hear the question. They can always find some obscure, half researched solution to a problem written by someone who doesn't have a fucking clue. These are people of an education system that dictates but does not educate,and they pass on to their children a belief that they are special, chosen, and have no need to do anything but exist. Its a sad sad way to live. A country of me first and let someone else pay. Let someone else do the dirty jobs, let someone else sacrifice, let someone's kid defend this country but not mine, mine are too precious. We have a president who had no concept of sacrifice, has had the whole world handed to him on a platter and has nerve enough to think he is a part of an oppressed minority. He is in fact a minority , a rich, powerful and no clue minority as to why.

James Old Guy

Woodman said...

Careful, I've got Attackwatch.com already loaded up and ready to go. Don't make me us it!

Logic and reason are not allowed in this discussion. It's all knee jerk and reactions! Rich people Bad! Poor people, Good! Rich starts at $250k, poor starts at $80k with $80k in student loans. No wonder the middle class is shrinking. I would have claimed the middle class as $50k to maybe $300-400k or so.

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