July 9, 2012

Jessica Bruning is ignorant

Last evening I was reading an article from USA Today on my Kindle Fire. The article was about the paper's Swing States Poll. The article quotes one Jessica Bruning of Holstein, Iowa. While I am not a big fan of Romney, it is clear Jessica Bruning of Holstein, Iowa is from a fitting place, she is clearly as dumb as a cow.
What has she learned? That ...Romney "wants to cut taxes for the rich people and raise them for the poor."
"I don't think that's cool," she says. She plans to vote for Obama.
This woman outta take a minute or two to actually read a paper or watch the news. No politician, not Romney, not Obama, has actually said they are going to raise taxes on poor people. Her comment is astoundingly stupid.

Of course Obama, by refusing cooperate with the Republican majority, will drop a monumental tax increase on the poor and middle class by letting the Bush Tax Cuts expire. But Jessica Bruning of Holstein Iowa cannot be bothered with truth. Obama has burdened the entire Nation with billions of new taxes in ObamaCare, but we will just pretend we are Jessica Bruning of Holstein, Iowa and ignore those unpleasant facts.

Jessica Brunng of Holstein, Iowa is like a lot of Americans.  She does not have the time nor inclination to actually follow the political affairs of her nation, but she will take her uniformed ass straight to the polls and vote in November.

If Jessica Bruning of Holstein, Iowa indicated she favored the big-government Democrat policies of the President and intended to vote for him based on that, I can accept her position. Hell, some people actually believe in Scientology and peaceful Muslims. But deciding to vote based on some made-up shit she misheard down at McDonald's -- that is just ignorance on display.


Anonymous said...

Typical stupid liberal voter .

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Could be worse. Could be my wife, who won't even discuss it, and will undoubtedly vote for 0 again this coming November.

The thing that upsets me is that she's smarter than that. She just refuses to see that Romney would be better for us than another four years of Zero. I imagine she thinks Republicans want all the Jews to convert and love Jesus, too, although she won't say so.

Woodman said...

I have conversations with several liberal, left, whatever friends I have. One of them, whenever we start talking facts, starts just repeating "Let's agree to disagree" like a mantra.

She might as well plug her ears. Every negative fact about Obama is connected to some crackpot plot or the Koch Brothers, or the Teabaggers, or something. If all of Obama's failures are caused by other people maybe she should vote for someone else anyway. Single point of failure like that should be replaced.

Bob said...

Wasn't Jessica that woman on TV awhile back that told a reporter the reason whe was standing in that long line was so she could get "some o dat Obama money"?

Ed Bonderenka said...

Bob, If so, she was in Detroit.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect from a society of the easy answer, the quick solution and easy way out? We the country elected a President based on nothing but fancy speeches, promises about everything and no experience doing anything. We can bitch about the election but our generation failed to teach reality. We have all these basically beliefs in how special everyone is, which in reality is just that, pure bullshit. We failed to teach that nothing is free, "NOTHING" and even hard work does not make you a success, life is a bitch and sometimes the bitch wins.

James Old Guy

CnC said...


along the same line, I just saw this on you tube. It is crazy how people's opinions are formed.

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