July 11, 2012

Wayback Wednesday

Some songs just sound like summer. They evoke memories of sweltering days, and cruisin' the strip.  Songs can bring to mind the nights driving the country roads flinging just-emptied beer bottles at mailboxes or sweaty kisses with your date at the drive in. Some tunes just remind us of the joy of youth.

One summer Mom volunteered my brother and I to scrape and paint our grandma's garage. It took us far longer than the job required, but finish it we did. I have every reason to believe the job was often interrupted by joking, by bickering, and plain old screwing around. That is what brothers do. I am also more than certain Otter found plenty of excuses to just disappear for long stretches while I worked my ass off in the summer sun. That's what he did. Grandma always did like him best.

I do remember this song got a lot of airplay on the radio and still today those opening licks take me back to the summer of 1978:


Otter said...

I am positive I did the work while you read a book!

CnC said...

here's another great album, The smoker you drink, the player you get. it only makes sense if you are under the proper medication. Rocky Mnt Way.
that song kicks ass.
But i do love the song Life's been good, too!

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