August 5, 2012

A casual brush with ignorance

I suppose I outta publish something before my last three readers give up on me.

I spent a good part of last week on the left coast. I am way cool with that, the Cascades and Columbia River area is by far my favorite place to visit in the world. I was tied up in meetings the whole time, so  Idid not get to do any sight seeing, but such is life. When the man signs your paycheck you are at his pleasure.

There were no significant travel issues worth mentioning. A certain airport design used in a certain Northern Midwestern city (or twin cities, if you will) still sucks. The airport is nice, the layout is horrible. I landed at the "F" gates and had to trek to the "B" gates. If you have been to MSP you know that is a long haul. It was OK, my layover stretched from a bit over an hour to three and one half hours -- reason unknown.

After a leisurely late lunch I made my way through the concourse, battling idiots who cannot operate the moving WALKway. This is amazing in that at MSP the moving sidewalks are labeled every three feet or so with a 'walk" and 'stand" designation separated by a solid yellow line up the middle. The concept is just too hard I guess.

While waiting at the gate for my connecting flight, a breathless couple came running up to the gate. They pulled up short as the woman breathlessly gasped "It is delayed". The man let forth a string of loud profanities at the counter clerk. He wanted to know why not one bastard bothered to tell them the flight was delayed? "They just ran through that whole G-d mother fucking airport to get to a flight that was fucking delayed". The airline representative told him that the flight was marked delayed on the monitors posted throughout the airport. MSP has a lot of these monitors I will add. The man said the "bitch flight attendant" told them they would have to check at the gate, why didn't she know their connection was delayed? The lady calmly replied that the attendant was in the air and had no way of knowing the situation of other flights. 

The man and woman fumed and complained in their seats but they got no sympathy from the rest of us. I suppose most in the gate area thought as I did, if you don't know enough to check the monitor,especially if your incoming flight is late, you probably are of the same breed that stands blocking the moving sidewalk...


Ed Bonderenka said...

Welcome back. Both ways.

Anonymous said...

Any idea who they voted for?

Ed Bonderenka said...

"Any idea who they voted for?"
You don't need idea to vote.
That's why I support Voter Idea.

Anonymous said...

Stupidity and the use of profanity are not relegated to any party affiliation.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

But generally, and based on personal experience, you can assume that they're Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Stunning FC. I guess by your system the shooter in Wisconsin would then be Republican.

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