August 6, 2012


Last week my car started to randomly behave badly. I would be driving along and suddenly the engine would cough and die just as if I was out of gas -- cough, shudder, shudder, cough -- dead.  I would wait a minute and it would start up and run perfectly. It has done this four times in the past week. I am off to the garage in a bit to see what is going on.  Ignorance of vehicle repair is a curse.

The company VPN has quit working. I have tried all I can, now I am waiting a call from IT to help me. Ignorance of computers is a curse.

I was thinking about taking a half day of vacation to do some stuff with the family. Since two of the primary tools of my job are not working as advertised, the 'puter and the car, it is quite possible I will spend the day getting those issues resolved instead.


Ed Bonderenka said...

And you have to burn vacation?

Erin O'Brien said...

And here I thought you'd be off protesting this INDOT project.

mts1 said...

Fuel pump?

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