August 12, 2012

The Olympics are nearly finished and so is my coffee

I was not sure if I was going to put up a post today. My weekend readership is pretty low. Only my most faithful of followers make an appearance.Thanks, if that is you. I suppose life is more important than me. I know! Such a philosophical outlook is hard to imagine.

I hate to cover up the previous short story post. Not because I think it is especially good writing or entertainment, but for the memories of an 8 year old boy it invoked in me for an unknown reason yesterday morning.  I am fully aware of my limitations as a writer and long ago came to grips with the notion I am a hack at best. I wish I had the skills to transfer what I have in my mind to electronic paper, but I come up short every damn time.  No patience, no editing skills, and no spelling skills all come in to play. Mostly I lack the patience to work and massage a post to total coherence. Oh, I know what is good.  I read enough and have studied enough to appreciate the writing art. Just because I can listen to Rhapsody in Blue and enjoy every nuance does not mean I can play anything beyond rudimentary Chopsticks on the 88 keys of ivory. I can see the grass, hear the birds, see my Mom in my mind.  I just lack the skills to present it in a accurate, entertaining way. Such is life.  I guess its is my typical long-winded way of saying sometimes I write stuff for me. Besides, for most of you yesterday's post is just like this one -- TLDR.

We went to dinner and a movie last night with some friends. I am not much of a Will Ferrell fan, but his new flick The Campaign is funny and entertaining. I strongly recommend it. There will be some who try to draw too much political connotation from the movie, and the rich power brokers are clearly based on the Koch brothers, but so what? Hollywood is left leaning and you should just get over it.  The film is not really political, both candidates are exaggerations and unlikeable. You cannot spend every minute of every day worrying about Obama or Romney.  Life is good, it is OK to take a moment and laugh. 


Ed Bonderenka said...

"You cannot spend every minute of every day worrying about Obama or Romney."
How about every other minuute?

CnC said...

Ed has a point, but diversion is good also. If I stayed away from all the movies that have the leftist tilt my DVD and Blu Ray collection would be very slim. If your a hack Joe then i am king of hacks. I do have to remind myself from time to time that my blog is not for entertainment purposes, it is my vent, my safety valve, my digital therapy. I get anyone else to read it that is just a bonus.
Keep on thinking free.

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