October 29, 2012

Quick Hits

Lots of pontificating going on around here.  Long boring posts no one wants to read. I fully expect a "TL/DR in the comments. Too bad 'bitches, there are more installments scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday. True story -- at one point in October I had 11 posts  wrapped and in the hopper.

I scrapped three posts on the end of the Roman Republic and opted for a quick summary post on Saturday instead. You are welcome. Hell, you were bored.  I was bored. Now you get a lesson in American history. What am I thinking? Most of you hated history in high school, you don't need to read about it in your leisure time. Maybe I will scrap the remaining Voter Education post re-runs too.

I had a good weekend.  Nothing special to report, just a good weekend.  I took a vacation day Friday. We  did not go anywhere, but I was in the Empire State all week and I wanted the day off.  I still have plenty of vacation time left. My company has a firm use-it-or-lose-it policy, so I have to get my last week (6 days actually) in before year end.

The taste of my wife's cherry Chap-stick lingers on my lips after her kiss goodbye this morning.

I did something a couple of weeks ago I rarely do. I spent big bucks on something for me. I ponied up and bought a Bose Soundlink bluetooth speaker. Man oh man does it sound nice. I have not had sound this good for years. My music explodes through the room in rich tones. You can hear every note of every instrument just as the artist intended the music to sound. Plus, it is completely portable, so I can listen anywhere in the house or even outside when I puff away on a premium stogie! Too bad it is getting too cold to sit on the deck and enjoy a fine hand-rolled cigar!


Anonymous said...

I bought one this summer, dang thing is not cheap but worth every penny. I have mined linked to by Iphone, like you said great sound.

Dan O. said...

"Too bad it is getting too cold to sit on the deck and enjoy a fine hand-rolled cigar! "

That's what a basement with a fine ventilation system or a garage with a wood-burner is for. Just sayin'.

I have both. Not intentionally or at least exclusively for the cigars, but work just the same. ;)

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