October 30, 2012

Whirling Winds Whip Wall Street

I cancelled the post I had canned for this morning. The one that replaced the boring history lesson I had ready a week ago. Confused?

I had a post in the hopper because I thought I was going to be in North Carolina this morning. I could have been, too.  My flight went as scheduled yesterday afternoon.  The problem was my flight home today was cancelled yesterday! There is no point going if I cannot get home. The airline was not accepting rebookings for Wednesday on Tuesday's cancelled flights. The prospect of sitting in a Hilton Garden Inn for three or more days offers little to entice me. The weather would not be conducive to sight seeing either.

Here in flyover country we are spared Sandy's wrath, but the low pressure system bringing the cold air is here in force.  Winds have howled around the eves for two days now, and daylight will bring stronger winds yet. The weather girl has hinted a possibility of snow flurries.

I spent four days last week just outside of New York City, and I am very glad it was last week.

If the great and powerful GW Bush caused Hurricane Katrina because he hated black people why did Obama fire up the weather controls and steer Sandy into the Metroplex? It has to be more than covering up the fact he left Americans to die at Benghazi.  Right?

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Ed Bonderenka said...

Wasn't he supposed to lower the level of the seas?

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