November 20, 2012

A Public Service Announcement

I had over 200 spam comments yesterday.  More than half were not caught by the spam filter. I really do not get the point of dropping a drug ad on a post three years old on a blog very few read. Can some of you computer/internet types explain the whole spam rationale?  What is the point?

Most of these ads were for sources of cheap anti-depressant drugs... Is someone trying to tell me something? 

Anyway,  I refuse to go to the evil squiggly scrunched up comment word verification. Instead, I have opted to implement a blog owner approval requirement for comments on any post older than 30 days. I hate that. I have always been an advocate for free and open commenting around here.  This is a First Amendment blog. We will try this and see if it helps reduce the spam-o-rama.


Anonymous said...

I keep getting spammed for cheap viagra, do they know something I don't?
James Old Guy

Rita said...

Let me now if that works.

Mockingbird said...

I agree with you Joe. I hate seeing that word verification thing-I can't get it right(age 62/eyes are going).

diamond dave said...

I like free commentary too, but I don't consider spam true comments, I consider it garbage that must be weeded out, one way or another. And besides, very few comments after 30 days are legit anyway.

Jean said...

I had trouble with spam when I had a FB page and then LinkdIn.
Deleted both accounts and spam became minimal almost immediately.

Sausage said...

Can some of you computer/internet types explain the whole spam rationale? What is the point?

It's really very simple. Google likes links. Some would argue that they are particularly fond of older blog links, especially within their own blogging network.

Blogs are an easy target for blog link spammers and older blog posts tend to be a) unchecked by the blog owner b) sometimes of higher value for links because they have been around for awhile.

A fine example of the proper way to do this is in my name/link I dropped but unfortunately for you, for most blog link spammers, there is more money in viagra then sausage ;-)

Tough to combat but personally I would turn on the verification. Regular readers and visitors generally will still reply and it will save you a ton of headaches. These folks generally automate their link spam so there's no way to stay ahead of it other then making it as difficult as you can for them.

Sorry about the long reply but I hope that it's helpful.


Joe said...

Thanks for the explaination Larry.

Jean. I have never had facebook and my linkedin account is under my real name. I operate here under false colors.

Dan O. said...

I stopped getting spammed when I stopped allowing Anonymous comments. Of course my readership is in the negative numbers anyway.

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