November 21, 2012

"You're gonna need a bigger boat"

Things have been pretty serious around here. In spite of the political storms swirling about I have been in a great mood.  You cannot tell by the musings and ranting on exhibit here.  You may believe otherwise, but I have a whole life outside of these pages. The real me likes sports, music, movies and occasionally cuts forth with a sarcastic wit. Oh, I guess that is the bloggery version of me too. But mostly I avoid politics outside of here.

There is a distinct advantage in hoarding vacation days. Since my company has a firm "use-'em-or-lose-'em" policy, I enter December in fine shape.  December 13 will be my last day of work for the year, except for a work day scheduled December 28 to send in my final yearly expenses and monthly report.  Yay me!  Since it appears I am the only person in the company actually "working" today, this day before Thanksgiving is almost like a bonus day of vacation. I sincerely hope we can avoid the customer crises today that have cropped up so far in this short week.

I tried to get one last cutting of the lawn last week, but the mower finally crapped out.  I took it to the repair shop where a new magneto was installed. Apparently a magneto is more than a character in an X-Men movie. I will pick up the mower today and finish the half-mowed yard.  I want to get to the grocery early to pick up the stuff I need for my contribution to the family feasts Thursday. And now that the boy is home, I can finish putting up the holiday decorations with his help.  The decorations may have to wait until Friday. His college student sleeping schedule and my desired working hours do not exactly coincide. That is OK, I was young once.

Did you see where some college player at a small school in Iowa knocked down 138 points in a 179-104 defensive struggle? That is NBA/ABA-type scoring from the1970's. He lofted in excess of 100 shots. I bet he will need help zipping his pants today.

If I fail to post later today, I wish all of you a safe and happy Thanksgiving.


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving.

Dan O. said...

Happy Over-eating Day.

No, really, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Supposed to be sunny and 60 here in the Buckeye tomorrow. Hope they got it right.

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