November 21, 2012

"Mrs. Robinson, you're trying to seduce me. Aren't you?"

I picked up my mower.  The mechanic said it is in bad shape.  He showed me the drained oil and it was as black as a liberal's heart. I changed it less than a month ago. He said there is serious wear and bad stuff (technical term) inside, probably beyond repair for my little push mower. I may get another three hours or three years from it. It sounds bad when it runs, despite new plugs and a "tune up".

I will deal with it in the spring,  I guess.  I just need it to run long enough to finish my half-cut lawn today.  I thought about pricing snow blowers while I was at the shop. I figure if I invest in a snow blower that is a firm guarantee we will have another virtual snowless winter! Do you think the wife will want a snow blower for Christmas?

update like anyone really cares, but the mower lasted about 15 minutes.  It started to spew oil and seized. There was about $100 wasted.  The mechanic said if he could have started it before he replaced the magneto he would have said "don't bother". Damn it all, the yard still is half mowed, but I did finish the front first, so I guess it will have to due until spring.


Mockingbird said...

Although I live in north Florida,I most certainly do think your wife will be thrilled with a snow blower(new, not used)for Christmas.
Much better than a new snow shovel.

Anonymous said...

why didn't he do a compression check before he started replacing parts? Time to find a new mechanic with a new mower.


Ed Bonderenka said...

bright spot: Mowers are probably on sale this time of year.

CGHill said...

For what it's worth, I bought one of those snow pushers -- it's like a four-foot wide shovel, except you don't have to pick it up -- and I didn't even have to unwrap it last year.

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