January 23, 2013

All the cool kids are doing it

EOB posted some pictures from her school days.

This is what I looked like in those halcyon days of the early 1980's:

I originally posted this back in 2006. You probably saw it back then. This picture depresses me, I look so old now.  Perhaps it is because I am...This was my senior year in college.  You do the math.

Lets see your old young face  Let me know in thcomments and I will post a link.

edit:  Ed is playing along.
         The Fuzzy Curmudgeon looking sharp
        Take a look at Jean at her senior prom. 


Erin O'Brien said...

What a hottie!

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Posted mine.

And I must say, Ms. O'Brien, you are a lovely lady, even if we disagree on certain points of politics. Not unlike my wife and I, for that matter :)

Erin O'Brien said...

Thanks Fuzz.

I also just noticed that by way of this post's title I'M FINALLY ONE OF THE COOL KIDS.


Rita said...

Ugh. Can't I post a pic when I was 42 instead? I looked a lot better than I did in school and not old and fat like I look at 53.

Joe said...

EOB you are too kind.

Unfortunately, I gave up on my dreams of being a Sears catalog model to start blogging. Angry at my choice, the Fates slugged me with both the old and ugly sticks while I was sleeping one Tuesday night back in 2006.

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