January 22, 2013

Focus on Global Warming

Bring it on, I say.

It is fucking cold.

I bet Jean is glad she moved up from Florida!


Rita said...

I have never seen a climate change zombie that also doesn't believe the earth is millions or billions of years old.

I'd like one, just one of them to then do the calculation of percentage of time that we have recorded temperatures in relation to the age of the earth and then explain how their percentage is a scientific fact of global warming. Especially since the recorded temps have only been around a century or so, so it's not even a cross sample of data.

That's like asking one person in Uganda what they had to eat that morning and deducing every person that ever lived had the same breakfast.

Jean said...

On the phone this morning with my friend in FL and she said "I need to get off the porch, it's cold outside." I said "Yeah, right. Must be down to 60 there." She laughed and said "Howd'ya know?? 'Sposed to get down to 45 tonight."

During that conversation it was -10 here in Akron and I'd already swept the driveway and sidewalk and tossed about 15 lbs of salt.

It will be warm soon, right Joe?

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