January 2, 2013

I am such an ass

I got a text earlier today from a guy saying hello to his 'Sis' and that he got a new phone.

I politely told him he had the wrong number.

He sent back that that was a fine joke, but his smart phone says that is her number.

I told him one of them was not too smart, he still has the wrong number.

My home phone rang with a number I did not recognize, so i let the machine answer.

It was my wife's brother....you know where this is going...he said he must have her wrong number in his new smartphone and some Dude just got crappy with him when he texted her.  Could she call with the right number?

I guess I just dissed my BIL.

So do I text back and acknowledge my assholery or let her pretend she knows nothing about it?

In any case, he does have the wrong number...

edit I fessed up and apologized to my BIL


Ed Bonderenka said...

How'd he take it?

Austin Wedding Photographer said...

That must have been funny when you pretend that you know him. I know it's rude. lol

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