March 24, 2013


We have no money for the annual Easter Egg roll, White House tours, meat inspection, border control, education, defense, air traffic control or the TSA. We do have the money for the President to play golf and vacation.  We do have money to give to Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood. We do have the money to give to Yale  "to study the evolution of sexual conflict and the evolution of reproductive structures" in waterfowl. source

Words fail me..  Somehow every Democrat believes we do not have one single place to save money. We are led to believe a reduction in the rate of increased spending will decimate the country. They spout that spending is not the problem, it is the damn Bush Tax Cuts. The problem is you and I do not pay our fair share.

Fucking bastards.

h/t GOC


Anonymous said...

I don't remember a single democrat bitching about the so called Bush Tax cuts when the law was passed. Its just another publicity stunt from the king of lying and his media pets. The one that I have personal knowledge of is the so called air traffic control reduction. It was long overdue, over 75% of the airports in the US have no ATC at the airport. I have over 5000 hours flying in this country and I really don't see a problem other than some government employees will have to actually have to go to work. Is someone wants to call bullshit, bring it. I am extremely qualified in that area.
James Old Guy

Ed Bonderenka said...

"Fucking bastards."
I don't use that language.
Out loud.
But for the life of me, I can come up with anything else now.

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