March 22, 2013

I raise my glass to the Acidman


Eight years.

I posted my first of many shitty posts on March 22, 2005. More than 4,000 posts later I am still at it. I suppose I could claim a thumbs up for consistency. .Like your neighborhood hash joint, I may not win awards for quality, but  I do serve up quantity.

Together we have been through elections, and jobs, and seen my kids grow up. When I started this strange hobby my daughter was a senior in high school, my oldest son was learning to drive, and my youngest was still fielding balls in Little league. Now the two oldest are out in the world making their own mark.  The youngest is away at college.

In 2005 the Cubs sucked and the next World Championship was just a couple of years away. Now, the Cubs suck and the next World Championship is just a couple of years away.

Some of you have been at this blogging stuff far longer than I, some are more prolific. Most of you are more popular.. But I have a good time blogging.  I entertain me, if no one else..

Lots of my readers over the years have moved on.  Many commenters and fellow bloggers have found new interests. Some of you have been around since the early days. I do not possess the vocabulary or writing skills to adequately express my appreciation for each and every one of  you who have read, linked and commented over the years.

A simple 'thank you' will have to suffice.


hey teacher... said...

If you have a hashish dealer in your neighborhood doing that much business you should call the cops. In the meantime keep on blogging. I look forward to your King Crimson concert review.

Ralphd00d said...

Happy Blog Birthday! Glad to see you still plugging away at it.

Elisson said...

Congrats on your eighth Blog-a-Versary! Stick with it. What, you're gonna go tweet now? Bah.

Anonymous said...


James Old Guy

Erica said...

Ah, and to think I've read just about every single post. Why, I'm practically an authority on your life! It's good to know that some of Rob's bloggy progeny are still keepin' it real.

Ed Bonderenka said...

no, Thank You.

Kerry Pierson said...

What Ed said...


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