March 16, 2013

I need a four leaf clover, and not for St. Pat's day

It is increasingly clear my vacation decisions are just as poorly conceived as my financial decisions.

The wife and I are supposed to go on our dream vacation next week. I feel like Kevin Bacon in Animal House, shouting to my wife "All is well!".

Nonetheless, I am keeping my fingers crossed while clutching my lucky rabbit's foot .Does anyone know where I can find a bald midget to rub?


Ed Bonderenka said...

Really. Most cruise ships don't break down or sink. Just the ones that make the news.

Joe said...

'xactly my point.

Anonymous said...

I have been on a few cruises, enjoyed them, like Ed says very few have issues. Have a great time.
James Old Guy

Joe said...

Mostly we are worried about the ship getting fixed and back to port in time for us to sail.

Rita said...

Oh, that was YOUR ship? I'd say you caught a lucky break. Except that St. Maarten isn't exactly a horrible place to be stranded.

Last time we were in port, a thunderstorm had just rolled through and a gorgeous double rainbow appeared. We went to a jeweler, bought a nice tennis bracelet and drank Heinekens while another rain storm came through.

Memorable day for sure.

Rita said...

Saw that your ship is taking the passengers out this week on an adjusted itinerary because the speed issue is not yet fixed.

I would have thought they would have spent that time fixing it instead of letting it limp around.

Hope they don't change your itinerary.

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