March 17, 2013

My early Birthday present

I am off this evening to see my favorite band. They will be playing this song. That notion makes me very happy indeed.

Watch and enjoy.  Do it for my birthday. You will have to skip the ad.

You gotta dig the capes!

Check out the guitar work starting at 6:25 or so.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Two thoughts as I watched.
when I saw them in concert about the same time, I was so far away that I didn't get to see the fretwork and detail as in the video.
I also wasn't puzzled by the pained look on his face as he played since I couldn't see it.
But that was nice.
Thanks for the present on your early birthday.
Don't you have a cruise your supposed to be packing for?

Joe said...

next week....providing the boat gets fixed in time.

Anonymous said...

I would go with Ship, the don't like the term boat.

James Old Guy

Anonymous said...

ha, but then it does not really sail either...


hey teacher... said...

Just think, if they would have had wireless pickups they could have flown all over that arena.

Remember on the cruise its SOS not SOL. Have a good trip.

hey teacher... said...

Gotta ask, are you going to Louisville or where your son is playing. I see conflicts here.

Jean said...

early Happy Birthday, Joe!
Hope the concert is fabulouso.

Anonymous said...

Going to Loudiville, Teach

My boy played last week. The youngest is going with me. A teen in the middle of a bunch of middle aged white guys

Thanks Jean


hey teacher... said...

Went to see scrapartsmusic in beautiful Jasper,IN tonite. It wasn't YES but roundabout it was pretty good. Hope y'all had a good time in Lou ah Ville. How was the new Jon? Pray tell, were there capes?

Joe said...

The show was very good, if you closed your eyes the new "Jon" sounded just like the old Jon.

No capes. My only complaint was the sound could have bee ncranked up a bit.

There sure were a lot of "old" people there. Sadly,I think I was one of them.

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