April 30, 2013


Bored, apathetic, jaded, disenchanted, indifferent, uninterested, weary, glutted, fed-up -- it is the old ennui writ large.


hey teacher... said...

Tony Bennett's revenge for his ouster is being played out in schools across Indiana as the ISTEP online tests, administered by an Illinos company, are repeatedly crashing. Talk about disenchanted and fed up. Is your daughter experiencing the same BS?

Joe said...

Yep, ISTEP has been a goat rodeo

hey teacher... said...

Goat rodeo is a very apt description. We were using much saltier language in the teacher's lounge. Our 6th graders are almost finished, but who knows what kind of hodge-podge of results we'll get. I hope they kept the receipt for the test contract. At least a 75% refund is in order. At least TB isn't around to blame the ISTA and/or the teachers.

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