May 14, 2013


No matter how loyal your dog is it will turn on you if you treat it badly. Come home and give it a kick, a random beating or three and that little puppy who wagged its tail with pure joy and love will become a slinking growling beast baring its fangs in your direction.

The media have long been Democrat lapdogs. They have jumped and wagged their tail every time The Obama glanced in their direction.  The media has ignored the unemployment and economic issues that plague the nation. They turned a blind eye to Fast and Furious and gleefully attacked the Republicans at every turn.They have ignored gaffs and policy disasters far worse than those committed by George W. Bush.

Now the usual second term scandals have descended on the Administration and the media is growling around the edges. Could it be the media dog pack is starting to turn on the Administration?

The Associated Press has long been one of the Administration's favorite lapdogs. Now we discover Eric Holder and the Obama Justice Department has been grabbing the AP's phone records. Digging into who called whom and such.  Will this attack on the press be the final kick? Will the AP puppy try and make nice with the Master or will it turn into a biting Hound of Hell, snarling and growling like Buck from The Call of the Wild? Will the AP and its pack of media dogs finally turn on the Regime, biting and nipping or will it slink off into the corner, tail between the legs like whipped cur?


CnC said...

My bet is they will all make nice soon. They have been in bed way too long.

Woodman said...

The couch is too lumpy!!

mts1 said...

They won't turn on him. It would mean they were wrong, and they'd rather go with him to hell than admit that.

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