May 13, 2013

Why hasn't someone been fired?

Someone in the IRS decided to use the taxing agency to focus on President Obama's political adversaries.

I do not care where you lie on the political spectrum, the idea the IRS could use the powers of taxation to target "political enemies" is repugnant. This is the stuff of third world dictators and banana republics. It is thug politics and it makes me sick.

It went on, the IRS admits it went on. Tea Party and conservative groups were singled out by the IRS, perhaps as early as 2010. The head of the IRS claims it was done by low-level employees.  Have they been fired? In the end, The head of the agency is responsible for what happens within the IRS. Some people need to be canned.



read and be sickened

The concept of "The Buck Stops Here" sure does not permeate this Administration.  The finger-pointer-in-chief clearly will take no responsibility.

I am not sure what I expect when a significant number of the Obama regime are admitted tax cheats.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

You just know this was ordered in the Oval Orifice. But nobody will admit it.

Anonymous said...

And people thought Nixon was a crook

CnC said...

Amazing how long it took the lamestream media took before they got to the party! Well I guess I'm not amazed

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