June 10, 2013

Cynicism cuts deep and always leaves a scar

I am appalled.

Not really, saddened would be a better word. That so many politicians and people who pay attention are responding with a mere yawn when we learn about the abuses our government has heaped upon our freedoms leaves me depressed and angry.

In less than a decade, Americans have allowed a combination of political correctness and fear to creep into their lives. In return for the mere illusion of safety we have surrendered the personal freedom won so hard by the men of Bunker Hill, Gettysburg, Belleau Wood,Normandy, the Frozen Chosin, and Dak To.

The Obama Administration has taken the egregious actions of the Bush years and put them on steroids. Far worse, the media is complicit in the nefarious actions and far too many people are willing to turn their gaze as long as the perpetrator sports a '(D)' behind their elected office title.

It is too easy to blame the current political crisis on the willfully ignorant. There has always been a significant segment of our society that is apolitical, attuned only to the gossip columns and popular culture. Read the letters and diaries of the antebellum period and you will soon discover that outside of a few activists, not many Americans cared about the role of slavery in America. That so many shrug the abuses of the IRS, Fast and Furious,, and data mining of phone and email records should not be a shock in this time of nearly unlimited entertainment options. Hell, nearly two thousand years ago the Roman Emperor Nero knew a few Christians burned as torches and a month of games in the Colosseum  would divert the populace from his incompetent and abusive rule.

The real culprits, the real criminals, the real thieves of freedom are the men and women elected to Congress who allow these actions to occur and continue.  Those who willingly take on the role of the three monkeys (no see, no hear, no speak) in order to stay in power.

This is how the weed of tyranny grows unfettered in the garden of freedom.

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Anonymous said...

I really like the fact that the government is all pissed because someone ratted their ass out. Hey we were spying on every damn thing you do and you don't have a right to know. We will be watching the tap dance about how it was for our own good. I don't need to be treated like a baby stumbling around a living room. I damn sure don't need big daddy government watching everything I do. We the collective idiots of this country allowed this to happen and the current band of crooks will not give up power without a struggle.
James Old Guy

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