June 8, 2013

The Government targets those with different political views, peeks at your phone calls, credit card usage and internet info. Just another Obamariffic day

Why are you surprised? Orwell knew it in 1949 when he wrote about the penultimate progressive society. Face it, 1984 was dead on, just titled 30 years too early. I suspect that Orwell is no longer required reading in your average high school English Lit class.

The Government is spying on you. You should not be thinking sedition anyway. We are already raising a whole generation of rat-finks.  Kids are encouraged to turn in their friends and family for the most minor social lapses. Call the cops if mommy spanks you. Tell the teacher is little Bobby calls you a runt. We are not even a hop skip and jump from spying on our neighbors.  Better the secret police collect them than me.

Are ObamaCare death panels so far-fetched today?

I am not surprised when left-leaning folks act like leftists. I am surprised so many Americans are so willing to give up their freedom in return for a cell phone or EBIT card.
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