June 25, 2013

Home improvement question

I have this fountain in my back yard. It has a large crack in it. I pump in the water and it runs out the side. I clean up the water, but it runs all over the patio anyway.  I have installed a very expensive collection and recycling system that puts the water back onto the fountain, yet the water keeps running through the crack.  In fact, the crack gets larger every year, despite my efforts to keep the water from pooling on the patio.

What do I do?

Yes, the answer is obvious to everyone -- fix the crack.

Yet that same common sense approach escapes the politicians and liberals in this nation when it comes to illegal immigration. Close the border, then clean up the mess.

I have detailed for seven years simple steps to stop the flood of illegal immigration, starting with heavy fines on any employer who hires illegals. Institute a heavy fee/tax on wire transfers to Mexico and Central America by non-citizens.  After all, we have no issue soaking tourists with a myriad of hotel, rental car and amusement taxes, why not get those same "travelers" when they wire money out of the country?  Heck, Democrats should love this idea -- they always claim we need a bigger revenue stream.

If there are no jobs, and the few that do work cannot send money home, then the flow if illegals will slow to a trickle.  Then secure the border with US troops if necessary.  After all, it would not be the first time the army was used to patrol our southern border.

Then we can put plans into place to naturalize those that are here.

Seriously, what sane person thinks that by giving amnesty or citizenship to all of the illegals without closing the border will stop illegal immigration?  It will only encourage more if we do not close the porous borders first.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I don't understand why wire transfers to Mexico and Central America are even allowed, given that most of them are probably sent by illegals.

That said, perhaps the law should require income tax to be withheld from any overseas wire transfer...just like if you take money out of your 401(k). If you don't owe it, you can get a refund; just file a tax return. Oh, you're in the country illegally and don't have a valid SSN? Sucks to be you...

CnC said...

That makes way too much sense to be a viable option for this administration.

Ed Bonderenka said...

" After all, it would not be the first time the army was used to patrol our southern border."
Or Mexico...
"Seriously, what sane person thinks"
gimmee a second....

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