June 24, 2013

True Confessions

I have used the "N-word" in the past.  I have also told and heard black jokes, Polish jokes, Italian jokes, German jokes, French jokes, geek jokes, Chinese jokes, old people jokes, Japanese jokes, redneck jokes, Indian jokes, cracker jokes, blond jokes, female jokes, retard jokes, man jokes, Mexican jokes, and gay jokes,and laughed at them all.

Just an insensitive stereotype
I have made fun of rival colleges and poked fun at certain universities and sports teams  I have had impure thoughts of untold varieties. I have denigrated Depauw University at every opportunity and will continue to do so. I have made fun of liberals and Democrats.

I have laughed at guys getting racked and cracked wise about female drivers. I have made fun of ED, big feet and bad skin. I find Porky Pig's stutter amusing. I laugh at Speedy Gonzoles cartoons.

I expect a visit from the thought police any day now.

I find it amusing, the political correctness crowd is all about diversity, while demanding we all think alike.


Unknown said...

good for you...any MAN that can't laff at any joke needs to plead to his wife to give him back his balls, although it's prolly too late for him

Ed Bonderenka said...

" I have made fun of ED, ".
That's OK, I can take it.

diamond dave said...

The number of times I could be executed by the Thought Police for what goes through my head would likely outnumber the grains of sand on all the world's beaches...

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Seems to me that we need to start making citizens' arrests on the Thought Police.

Cappy said...

You are so not getting that Food Network show.

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