June 5, 2013

Things I think about

So, will Eric Holder get a subpoena for the reporters' phone records and go after the New York Times? After all, here is a report based on a leak from a Government employee.  The list of people in Homeland Security who have access to the report must be pretty small.
 The report, scheduled for release this week, was provided to The New York Times by a senior government official. The official did so on the condition of anonymity because it had not yet been made public.
It should not be that hard to crack down on leaks of this sort. But then the NYT is not Fox News.

And if Holder is really concerned about leaks from senior Obama officials, maybe he should look into this.

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Anonymous said...

King Obama doesn't give a shit what the people think about his buddies and crooks, look at today's appointments. Just what you would expect from a Chicago Gangster thug politician. Liberals got what they wanted someone just like them.
James Old Guy

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