June 5, 2013

You have to get little victories over "the man" whenever you can

The battery on my digital hygrometer has died. A hygrometer measures the amount of humidity in your humidor. One needs to monitor the humidity in the humidor to make sure the expensive cigars you are storing stay fresh and ready to smoke. I have an analog hygrometer in the humidor also, so all is not lost. I also have a nice humidor, so I rarely have to adjust the moisture levels.

That long preamble means I have to make a trip to Radio Shack today to get a new battery. I also need a plug adaptor to make sure my electronics work in China.

Radio Shack always asks for my phone number. It is not like they are planning on calling me for a date later. It is not that I am against a dinner and nice action movie. I would even consider coffee or ice cream. They always ask for my number and never call.

Perhaps they do not call because I take the time to memorize the number of a different Radio Shack and that is what I give them. Once I gave the local Radio Shack their own number as my own.  The clerk was not amused.  Now I give the local store the number of the Greenwood, Indiana store when I buy my weird sized batteries and such. It amuses me.

I am an asshole like that.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I wish I'd thought of that dodge back when Lowe's was still asking for phone numbers. I've noticed lately that they've quit doing that. Probably because too many people like me told them, "You don't need that."

diamond dave said...

Agree, they have no business having anyone's phone number, unless you have a warranty or are part of a member rewards program, and maybe not even then.

And I don't see how Radio Shack stays in business, you can find just about anything they have online, and their business model is hopelessly outdated.

CnC said...

So I'm not alcove in my quirky ways. I have an alias I use at fast food places when they ask for a name. I am AKA Stanley though my friends call me Stan

Dan O. said...

I refuse to give any personal information for a cash transaction. That is why I no longer shop at Sears.
I've had different places tell me it's for .."warranty purposes". I say, "I'll have the receipt for that." They counter with, "What if you lose the receipt?" "Then it's on me." "..."
They either want my money and continued business, or they don't. THEIR choice.

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