July 21, 2013

Friday Music on a Sunday

Here is my favorite band recorded live a few months ago. maybe this music can erase the stain of my Friday Music post.

You can get their new album at iTunes, Amazon, or cdbaby. Why not spend a few bucks and help out some struggling musicians?  Do it for the little puppies. Do it for the starving children on Tristan da Cunh. If you buy the album Global Warming will cease. Buying a copy of this album will ensure World Peace, stop illegal immigration and solve the New Chinese Yaun/Dollar exchange rate dilemma.  Buying and listening to this album will bring people of the world together as one -- Muslims will hug Jews, Irish Catholics will tip a beer with their Protestant cousins. The two Koreas will challenge the two Chinas to a game of cornhole. Purchasing this album will be better than buying the World a Coke in bringing about perfect harmony. As an added bonus your purchase will help the boys get this month's rent money.

1 comment:

Ed Bonderenka said...

I'm waiting for it to show up on Pirate Bay. :)

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