July 22, 2013

Yet another post

What happened was a young Hispanic man shot a black man in self defense, was tried by a jury of women and somehow...it’s a white man’s fault.  Steve King

When it comes to the Zimmerman affair, can we at least dispense with the fairy tale Martin was a frightened, innocent, young teenager just walking down the street eating Skittles?  This was no little boy, he was 6'2" and bigger than Zimmerman.  He attacked Zimmerman primarily because he thought Zimmerman was a sexual predator. This is according to the prosecution and their star witness.

Scared people hide, call the cops, or seek help, they do not attack their stalker.

Was Zimmerman guilty of being an ass? Was he stupid?  Did he deserve to get his ass beat?  Yes. Yes. And yes. But if being a stupid asshole was a crime, most registered Democrats would be in jail.

I guess the only alternative outcome that would please the some of you is that Zimmerman got his head banged on the ground until he passed out, or got brain damage, or died. 

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