July 5, 2013

Oh, the Wells Fargo (actually UPS) Wagon is a-coming down the street...

In other news, the DVD copy of Five Masters of Death I ordered for less than $5 from Amazon is due to arrive sometime today. Also called the Five Shaolin Masters, this was one of my favorite Martial Arts flicks back in the day.

By "back in the day" I am referencing my semi-drunken college days in the early 1980's when HBO (or Showtime --whatever) had Kung Fu flicks on the schedule. We sat down in the basement of the fraternity* and watched this one repeatedly, bad dubbing and all.  It is a true classic, at least in my faded reflection.

I hope the movie lives up to my memories. If not, it was less than $5 and that is cheap entertainment in today's world.

If we can only get the great flick Waterloo re-released on DVD, my life would be nearly complete.I have a VHS copy, but it is worn out.

* I will give a silent nod to my late fraternity brother Ernie who dug Kung Fu flicks immensely.  RIP my friend. .

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Ed Bonderenka said...

Sergey Bondarchuck is a distant relative.

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