August 24, 2013

Stuff I have seen

Cruise ships in dock -- Nassau, The Bahamas
I was down at the local booze bazaar last night picking up some beer. The guy in front of me was probably in his late twenties/early thirties. The clerk asked for ID. he already had it out and ready. The clerk apologized and told him company policy was to see two forms of identification for anyone under 40. She looked sheepish and said "Its not my rule, OK?" The man was not upset, but told her he would have to fetch it from his truck. He came back in moments and his transaction was completed.

I stepped to the register, she rang up my beer and told me the amount.  I handed her my debit card. As she did the swipe thing I asked her if she needed to see my driver's license. She looked at me for 1/100000th of a second and said "No, I think you are OK". I laughed.

But I cried inside.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, getting old really sucks

James Old Guy

Ed Bonderenka said...

There is the alternative...

Anonymous said...

I think Obummer is working that angle.
James Old Guy

Unknown said...

I got carded at an Applebee's in suburban Atlanta maybe 7-8 years ago and I am OLD(pre WWII). They said EVERYONE gets checked due to over zealous local LEO's

diamond dave said...

TWO forms of ID? That's overkill. Not very many of us carry around a passport or birth certificate in our wallets...

Joe said...

I think a D/L and a credit card,debit card, library card, etc. was OK.

Anonymous said...

Funny: I just learned this lesson Saturday night. I'm working part time now as a server (newfangled word for waitress I guess), and there was a table of four, an older couple and a younger couple. (Pretty sure three at the table were related by blood.) And the policy is: Card anyone who looks 30 or under. So, thinking the young man looked between 20 and 25, I asked to see his ID - said he looked under 30 to me. And immediately the older guy says, pouty look: What about me huh? (His wife giggled. I successfully stifled mine.)

I can certainly relate to older guy, of course. :( Aging SUCKS.

But I won't make THAT mistake again.


Anonymous said...

Oops. Two by blood -- and two by marriage. Or is it...? Ah hell, YOU know what I meant, right?

(Gotta stop trying to have all my fun in the middle of the night and then function normally by day.)

Fred again.

Joe said...

Good to see you around again Fred.

It would be way cool if you blogged again. If you are, send me an email with your info. I won't put it in the links if you do not want me to.

My email is over there on the right

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