September 16, 2013

Did Obama really pass the bar exam?

The Constitution is not a hard document to read or understand. Most first year law students can understand the separation of powers contained therein. Heck, most 9th grade civics students get it. Apparently, President Obama, despite being touted as a Constitutional Law Professor Instructor lecturer, has no understanding of the powers of the Legislative branch.

Congress is responsible for passing a budget. In addition, all spending bills must originate in the House of Representatives. (Article I section 7)(Article I section 8). In The Obama's narcissistic world, anyone not giving in to his desires is "thwarting Constitutional structure".  I maintain the only thwarting of the Constitutional structure that is going on in the budget process is the passing of  continuing resolutions (CR) in lieu of actually passing a budget.

Like it or not, Obama is not a dictator, nor a king. Straight from Mr. Wadell's ninth grade civics lectures: the Legislative Branch passes law, The Judicial Branch interprets law, the Executive Branch carries it out. As I said, it really should not be so hard for a graduate of Harvard Law to understand basic Constitutional structure. Too bad the ass-licking sycophant Stepolopugus did not have the brains, backbone, or integrity to call the President on this ridiculous quote.

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Rita said...

And as such, the Senate cannot originate a bill which taxes Americans.

So in 2014, we have a new tax compliments of ObamaCrap that didn't come from the house. The lawsuits are waiting in the sidelines waiting for the tax to hit as they have no standing until it does.

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