September 16, 2013

Words fail me

I hoist a tall one to  a man I have read for almost ten years. I have lived vicariously through your adventures on sailboats, with Stretch, through life. You and your woman are in my prayers.

You will be missed.


Rita said...

I was browsing around various blogs yesterday I normally don't hit and read this one. And found another one who had just lost his wife and another one who had just lost their husband. Dealing with a young newly widowed lady at work. Death's inevitable but it still sucks really badly.

I'm so sorry about your friend. This Internet is a strange world where after a few short years you have to feel close to those you spend a few minutes each day interacting with.

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I've only read him in comments.

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