October 15, 2013

A football post

This is a rant about the NFL, the Indianapolis Colts in particular. You get to read it because I do not have a water cooler companion to vent upon.

Today's NFL is a passing league.  The old three yards and a cloud of dust disappeared with Woody Hayes. The leading teams light up the scoreboard with a potent passing attack: New England, Denver, New Orleans, Green Bay. The Ravens won the Super Bowl last year on a resurgent passing attack from Joe Flacco.

Indianapolis has decided it is going to be a running team.  Quarterback Andrew Luck took the team to the playoffs last year with a strong passing game.  This year the Colts coaches seem determined to make sure the offense is balanced, at the expense of the best play makers on offense -- Luck, Wayne, and Hilton. Why? A running team has not won the championship in years.  In fact, the teams with the best running game usually do not even make the playoffs. Denver is putting up 35 points a game. Three field goals is not going to cut it. I will not even get into the insane conservative play calling. Why punt on 4th and 3 when your defense has not stopped the opponent all night long? I thought the Colts were build ing a power running team? I guess they don't believe it either. Colts management always talk about building a beast, perhaps it is time to unleash it?


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Well, there's always next year.

Cappy said...

Whaddayamean "disappeared with Woody Hayes"?

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