October 20, 2013

Movin' on up to the North Side

I am typing this post from my new sooper-sekrit office location on what looks to be a sunny but cool Sunday morning. I can see the sun rising over the trees from my window. I love my view. Yes, we are in the new house, but not yet moved completely out of the old one.  How did we accumulate so much shit?  Where are we going to put it? That is the task for this week, get the few remaining things out that need to go to the new house and sort the balance for a massive garage sale next weekend. I guess some stuff will be stuffed into our rented storage.

Moving went well, but I am sore as can be. Some from painting, some from moving. I would like to take a day off, but we have to be out of the old place by the end of the month and there is lots of work to do. Besides, the magic fairies did not unload the boxes here. I suppose they were out drinking and dithering with the elves. Stupid moving fairy sluts.

I cheated a bit.  I hired a couple of guys to unload the heavy stuff and carry it upstairs. I felt like a slacker watching them work, but it was worth every penny. They were great guys and did not complain as my wife had them move furniture from place to place to make sure it was where she wanted it.

Any way, I am back up and running.


hey teacher... said...

Great! Good thing too. I've read the Colts rant 10 times now and still don't care about the Colts and/or football.

Anonymous said...

Moving sucks, having done more than my fair share.

James Old Guy

Ed Bonderenka said...

Teacher +1.

Rita said...

The bigger question do you have the TV set up to watch he War of 1812?

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