October 22, 2013

We find ourselves on a Tuesday morning

If you are looking for insightful commentary or ripping humor or even entertaining tales you are out of luck. The mundane rules my life.  I am still wrestling with wireless issues -- trying to connect my wireless printer to the network, making my company internet phone connect, etc.  I got the laptop and the iPad, and the phones all connected, it is the bigger things that are causing issues.

I still have a bunch of stuff to move from the old house, either to here, the dump, or to storage. With only a few exceptions I am leaning towards the dump, but I do need shovels and rakes and Christmas decorations I guess.The wife has some different ideas about what is valuable.

The garage is still full of boxes. Blogging will remain slow for the foreseeable future. The past few weeks have shown me blogging is not my personal Brokeback Mountain; I can quit you. Sorry about that.

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