December 2, 2013

But mostly I was waterboarding terrorists

We moved into this house on October 19. The only water we used prior to that point was to wash out paint brushes. I did occasionally take a leak. The water bill cut off on October 25. From October 2 (when they were supposed to read the meter) until October 25 we used 11,000 gallons of water according to the water company. From 10/25 to November 25 we used 3,100 gallons of water. The wife called on November 7th  to complain that the bill could not be right for October. The water company claimed we must have a leak and they would send someone to check for leaks on December 2. There are no leaks. There are no leaks in the house, there are no soggy places in the yard, and the mysterious leak would not fix itself by the November meter reading. Whomever read the meter was off by 100 units. We probably used 10 units, not 110. The water company says someone must have used our water. They say I have to prove the meter was read wrong.

UPDATE. The water man just checked for leaks.  Of course there aren't any. But he did allow that the "old" meter was replaced by a new one on November 1. Looks like the water company is trying to make me pay for a defective or leaking meter.


hey teacher... said...

How convenient for them that the meter was replaced on November 1. By any chance does your meter sit on a grassy knoll or perhaps in a triangle of Bermuda grass?
Keep calling to complaining maybe they'll get the idea that gouging a new customer isn't exactly the welcome mat people desire.

hey teacher... said...

complain not complaining sorry

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