December 15, 2013

How to skin a field mouse in three easy steps

Good morning Blog People. Here it is Sunday and I am a little late perusing the interwebz. I stayed up late and slept late (for me). I emptied the dishwasher and enjoyed some coffee before heading to the old 'puter. My office has been transformed in a gift wrapping station. Rolls of wrapping paper, boxes, and bows are scattered on the floor. I don't mind. I dig Christmas. I think most of the shopping is done. Now the wife is hard at work wrapping the goodies (not at this minute). I wrapped the gifts I purchased for her while she was in the shower yesterday. As usual, you can pick out the packages I wrapped.  Hers are a picture of perfection, mine look like a drunk distracted chipmunk taped on the paper while dancing to the soundtrack of Saturday Night Fever. My best effort resembles a kindergarten art project.

I thought about searching the archives and throwing up a rerun this morning. I did actually post some good stuff at one point. This blog is living proof of the 100 monkeys and 100 keyboards theory. My inner primate has not hit a home run for a while though. But look! I have managed to make this semi-coherent rambling into a post after all.

Do you want to know something sad? I talk exactly like I write on this blog (albeit with that weird half southern/half Chicago south-of-seventy Hoosier accent. Yes, if we were to meet up for a beer or coffee the conversation would be exactly as presented here each day. That kind of gives you goosebumps in bad way doesn't it?

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