January 11, 2014

Happy Birthday Elvis

You don't hear too many reports about The King working a convenience store in Michigan, or doing dishes in a remote California town any more. In fact, Elvis lives mostly in the hearts of our nation's elderly.

There was a time when the movie channels, AMC or TCM, would have filled the programing over Elvis' birthday with his legendary flicks. I am not sure either is even playing one this weekend. That is too bad, I find Elvis movies entertaining as hell. Sure, he played Elvis in every movie. His acting was mediocre at best. But Elvis exuded a charm and charisma that was palpable even on screen. Too often we get caught up in the art of movie making. Elvis movies made no pretense, they were a vehicle for the King to sing a few songs, and to hopefully entertain the audience for 93 minutes or so. Period. On that level they were incredibly successful.


Ed Bonderenka said...

I just played Jailhouse Rock again for Scherie.
An entire movie, except for the last few minutes, portraying a sulking, narcissistic, ungrateful punk.
Highlighted by a dance routine of the eponymous song that reeks of homoeroticism.
Viva Las Vegas was far better.

Z said...

He IS washing dishes in California...trust me, I live here and I SAW ELVIS :-)

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