January 12, 2014

About last night

That was ugly. Who the hell punts on fourth and less than one when you are behind three touchdowns in the fourth quarter? It would not have made any difference, mind you, but that is bad coaching to go along with bad offense and absolutely horrific defense.


Scott said...

I agree. When you're three touchdowns down, and don't go for it, you show no confidence in your ability to move the ball. They didn't get the ball back for seven minutes. Either way, it would have resulted in a loss. When you get behind like that, you have to take chances and play turnover free football.

diamond dave said...

One of the many reasons that I don't enjoy pro football as much as I used to. The players and playcalling seem a lot more amateurish, the rules have been gutted to favor high-scoring aerial contests (may the last, not the best, team that throws win), and most of the players are in it for the money, not the game.

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