January 13, 2014

Toe the line or we will make you milk go sour

Some days I wish I could wake up with no morals, no ethics, no sense of right and wrong,  impervious to gross hypocrisy, and no brains. In other owrds, a Democrat. As near as I can tell, Americans dying in Benghazi, giving guns to Mexican gangsters, using the IRS to target law-abiding American citizens for political purposes, and spying on Americans for having the temerity to use the internet or a cell phone are all OK; not worth discussing. A traffic jam on the George Washington Bridge -- heads need to roll. I have driven on the GW many times, and I think there was a traffic jam every time. No wonder it took a couple of months for this come out. Lane closures and traffic jams are a fact of life in that part of the world.

Let's be honest, Christie's alleged political revenge is pretty lame when you compare it to normal Democrat political payback. Just ask Vince Foster. Screwing up traffic on the George Washington Bridge is akin to the Mayor of Indianapolis digging a pothole on your street or the mayor of Los Angeles having a car break down on the 405. This "scandal" is further evidence the Republicans are truly bad at hardball politics.


Rita said...

I am so sick of hearing about how criminal this bridge gate is especially when those same idiots think there was nothing wrong with giving Obama opponents IRS proctology exams and letting our ambassador die while the US does nothing to help.

Talk about hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

It has started the lamestream media will attack any candidate from the so call republthugs, the end game is get the Hidabeast elected so we can continue down the yellow brick road to destruction. Oh and our fellow voters are dumb enough to buy it, lock, stock and barrel.

James Old GUy

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