March 21, 2014

#Ban descriptions

I thought the whole "Ban Bossy" thing was a one day news story.  Apparently it is a full-fledged movement among a segment of the population. Upon further reading it seems people are offended by the label "Bossy".  Seriously, don't we have some real issues to tackle in this nation?  Unemployment, taxes, the role of government, health care, terrorism, energy, education are all more important than a benign label. Are we at the point where a person is unable to describe another in any way?

On occasion my boss is well, Bossy. My wife and daughter are sometimes bossy. I am often bossy. I am also stubborn, opinionated and crass. Call the language police! If we are unable to describe a person by looks or by action the next generation of novels is going to be pretty boring.
He/she was a person. He/she contrasted sharply with the other person. He/she did or did not do some things that may be offensive to someone, somewhere. The End.
When did the Right To Not Be Offended enter into the Rights of Man?


Ed Bonderenka said...

I'm not bossy, ever.
I do however assert my authority.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Anonymous said...

Well you could be called a Community Organizer, or asshole. Same thing.

James Old Guy

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