March 21, 2014

Friday Music

Since yesterday was my birthday ( thanks for all of the gifts you cheap bastids) I am playing my favorite song today.

Oh wait, I guess I choose the music every Friday. Why am I doing all of the work around here?


CnC said...

I saw Yes many years ago, mid to late 70's at Market Sq. Arena. Great concert. They used a huge rotating stage. I was sitting on the floor very close to the stage. When they hit the last chord id Starship Trooper some tool threw an M80 in the isle next to me. I felt the concussion it was so close. Even the band jumped.
It was a fantastic concert.
It was many years later when I saw them next at Deer Creek. Anderson spent most of the time sitting on the edge of the stage preaching to us all about his bullshit brand of Shirley MacLaine ism. I still love the music of Yes, just not the preaching, thx for the time warp, love this song and the album.

CnC said...

Oh and Happy Birthday Joe. The card and the big check is in the mail.unfortunately you have to depend on the US Government to deliver it.

Joe said...

The preaching is why the band finally dumped Anderson. I saw them last spring in Louisville and the new guy was just as good. If you closed your eyes you would believe it was Jon Anderson singing. There was little talking, just the music -- the way it should be.

I also saw them back in the ealry '80s at MSA.

DownStateIN Dale said...

Happy Birthday, Joe. Just remember that your parents didn't make you... the government did that! ;-)

hey teacher... said...

More capes than the Justice League but some damn fine noodling on that guitar by Howe. I think the tambourine work is way overplayed! But it keeps Anderson busy. Does Wakeman even take a few taps in the middle? Never saw live but have enjoyed from the beginning. Thanks Joe and Happy Birthday to you!

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