April 29, 2014

Dear Republican Party

It seems you have a choice. You can roll with the Conservative wing, or you can roll with the money men. Here is the dilemma, you can't win control of Congress without our votes.  You cannot win the Presidency in '16 without the RINO money. I maintain that if you win Congress, the money men will show up, buying influence.

Sadly, I think the GOP establishment would rather remain a minority, and keep getting invited to the Washington cocktail parties, and keep getting the payoffs from Wall Street. What is it going to be; win elections or raise money for the party coffers?

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B said...

As long as those who are in the upper positions of the GOP want to appeal to the middle and are willing to do so by becoming "DNC Lite", they'll continue to lose.

New Slogan: "GOP: Not quite as bad for the country ad the DNC".

Phah. they'll continue to lose as long as they fail to stand for anything.

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