April 29, 2014


The rains dried up late yesterday morning. I fired up the grill and made supper over the open flames. I cut up some spuds and onion and threw in cubes of cheddar.  I wrapped it all in foil and grilled it for 45 minutes or so. Chicken kabobs, corn, and slices of fresh pineapple went on the grate as well. I ate too much and enjoyed every bite.

The daughter called this morning. To make a long story short, someone has helped themselves her identity and has actually filed tax returns under her SSN. It seems her entire credit is under suspicion. Luckily the IRS found the crime and is working on it, but now she will have to go through her credit report with a fine tooth comb, get new credit cards, everything. She suspects the Target breach. What a pain.


CnC said...

I never go to Target except for that 2 week period when the hack occurred. My bank contacted me and issued a new card. No problem so far.

Anonymous said...

I was issued a new debit card thanks to Target. All seems well
James Old Guy

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