April 28, 2014

Speech, (huh), what is it good for?

Donald Sterling is a douchebag.

The First Amendment was not created to protect speech upon which we all agree. Burning flags, crosses in a jar of piss, the KKK, Louis Farrakhan's Jew baiting, Black Panther calls to kill whitey -- all hateful, all evil, all protected speech. If I was a player for Sterling's team, I would refuse to suit up. Fans should stay home. I have no issue with the NBA, should it sanction the racist asshole. But Sterling has every right to utter whatever nonsense he chooses. He does not have to right to avoid consequences for his words.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Plus, he's a Democrat, which most stories on the subject conveniently ignored.

Anonymous said...

I guess his second life time award from the NAACP is gone. Strange how no one can seem to find the original tape. I wonder which Democrat he pissed off.
James Old Guy

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