June 25, 2014

In my neighborhood

It is strange to see your environs on the TV news. There was severe weather in the area yesterday afternoon and the TV folks zoomed in right on my neighborhood to show the "hook" that could lead to tornadoes and winds and scary stuff, oh my. There was no damage at my house, thank God. In fact, the weather was weird, the rain was falling in torrents, yet there was no wind at all.  Nary a leaf was stirring while the storm raged over our heads. Very weird indeed.

The next subdivision to the south was on the news for more unsavory reasons. There was a murder right here in one of America's safest cities! It was not the sort of mystery that inspires great detective stories, Miss Marple won't be peeking around the corner of the vicarage any time soon. No, this killing was a stupid kids' fight over a girl -- as if the winner actually had a inside track to the mysteries that is the female brain. At 18 or 19, the odds either gent ended up with the chick long-term is slim anyway.

According to news accounts, killer and victim were arguing or not. Victim left killer's car with killer's phone. Killer paused in his chase to grab a knife from the glove box. Mistake numero uno. When he caught the victim he proceeded to stab him multiple times.  It is hard to plead self-defense when the victim is unarmed and sports cuts on his hands and neck to go along with the three stabs in the chest.

Sometimes stupid is not a strong enough word. Fighting over a woman was dumb when Menelaus brought a thousand ships filled with his buddies to whip Paris' Trojan ass over the hotness that was Helen. It is just as stupid today.

There will be no epic poems written about the fight over a girl that happened down the street. Only a pathetic post on a barely read blog sadly wondering how so many lives could be ruined over something so very trite.

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